Healing potencial of Holotropic Breathwork™ is based on access to biographical, perinatal and transpersonal layers of unconsciousness. It is where we can touch the psycho-spiritual roots of emotional and psychosomatic disorders. In these deep holotropic states it is possible to activate natural healing inteligence of psyche. We call it Inner Healer. It is spontaneous and autonomous self-directed process, which is unique for each person. It is not about following any instructions from the outside, from guru or from any psycho-therapeutical school. It is about trust to the healing inteligence of your psyche.

All the components of Holotropic Breathwork have been known for centuries or millenials. The breathwork, chanting, drumming, bodywork, artistic expression etc. are all parts of healing practices of ancient and native cultures. They are more re-discovered, validated and reformulated to the new language and structure of thinking.

The meaning and power of breath can be seen in many cultures as a physical breath and common spiritual essence of life. We can mention prana or chi from Chinese medicine, corresponding ki in Japan, rauch in Hebrew tradition, we can also mention Sufi, Buddhistic, Tibetan, Indian, Taoist, Christian and other cultures which developed detailed work with breath for healing and spiritual practices.

Music is very often a part of traditional healing techniques as we can see with e.g. Navajo healing rituals, shamanic drumings, trance dance from Kalahari, Brazilian umbanda, Christian groups using music, singing, and dance, Tuva shamans, Santo Daime icaros, Tibetan monks, and many others. Music opens unconsciousness and brings emotions to the surface. In Holotropic Breathwork we use special set of music with prepared trajectory of dynamic evolution. It is essential to surrender completely to the music and let it resonate in all of the body and follow the emotions completely. No intellectual activity is welcome.

Bodywork is useful for support the release of the emotional blocks or residual energy, not expressed adequately to the impression. Material coming from our history to the surface is very often accompanied by physical expression. With voice, moving, cramps, pain etc. When the breather wants, facilitator offers bodywork which is more about offering the resistence on the right place in the right time. The progress is about intensification of symptoms which lead to expression and than relaxation. This is repeated until the breather feels being without the symptom and relaxed at least for the particular session.

Artistic expression is a significant part of the process. It help us to express our experience, insight and feelings from the session, beyond the verbal forms. As well as it is a part of ancient cultures mentioned above. We can say it represents a kind of an anchor to the holotropic reality. From traditional cultures we know mandalas, altars, masks, etc. Contact with these artworks could keep us in touch with our inner healer for further daily evolution.